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  • Be a leader for students this year by making a donation to PLAN.

    By stepping up and speaking out, PLAN leaders are working hard this year to improve their children's education and ensure that parents in the Bay Area can be 100% engaged in their schools. Your donation supports parents to give voice to the Bay Area's most vulnerable students and continue to make positive, lasting changes in our schools.

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  • Become a PLAN sustainer by joining our Leadership Circle!

    Yes! I want to be part of the PLAN Leadership Circle. By becoming a monthly donor, I am helping to ensure that PLAN is supported by community to continue to advocate for family and school shared responsibility for transformative change in under-performing schools and justice for students.  Today, I am committing to support PLAN by becoming a:

    Supporter - donates $10 per month to support PLAN to maintain vibrant operations.

    Innovator - Donates $25 per month to support the growth of PLAN’s programs

    Developer - Donates $50 per month to support PLAN to expand its reach.

    Activator - Donates $75 per month to support PLAN to be a champion of racial equity

    Maximizer - Donates $100 per month to support PLAN to organize strong parent leaders. 

    Stabilizer - Donates $120 per month to supports PLAN’s efforts to be self-sufficient through community support.