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  • posted about Leadership Circle on Facebook 2017-11-15 14:29:04 -0800
    Just made a donation to Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network

    Become a PLAN sustainer by joining our Leadership Circle!

    Yes! I want to be part of the PLAN Leadership Circle. By becoming a monthly donor, I am helping to ensure that PLAN is supported by community to continue to advocate for family and school shared responsibility for transformative change in under-performing schools and justice for students.  Today, I am committing to support PLAN by becoming a:

    Supporter - donates $10 per month to support PLAN to maintain vibrant operations.

    Innovator - Donates $25 per month to support the growth of PLAN’s programs

    Developer - Donates $50 per month to support PLAN to expand its reach.

    Activator - Donates $75 per month to support PLAN to be a champion of racial equity

    Maximizer - Donates $100 per month to support PLAN to organize strong parent leaders. 

    Stabilizer - Donates $120 per month to supports PLAN’s efforts to be self-sufficient through community support.


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